5 Reasons Why Bangkok Is the World’s Best City


Bangkok is the commercial and political capital of Thailand. With rapid modernization and economic growth, it has been counted among the world’s best cities consistently over the years. So why is Bangkok so prominent in every tourist’s dream destination? Read on to find 5 reasons why Bangkok is the World’s Best City.

1. Gateway
Bangkok serves as the gateway to the whole of Thailand. Thailand is a land which is filled with exotic cultural murals and historical artifices. Though located in Asia, it has a unique and distinct regional identity. Being centrally located, Bangkok serves as the hub which allows international tourists to travel across Thailand via waterway, railway or airways.

2 Cultural heritages
Bangkok is a city that offers a wide glimpse into its rich cultural heritage. A tourist can enjoy magnificent views of royal palaces – Bangkok is inundated with them – and several museums, which is well stocked with historical artifacts. Bangkok tour packages include tourist visits to Grand Palace, Buddhist temples such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun etc. One can also find relation to Hinduism to Thai culture by the Giant Swing and Era wan Shrine. Thailand is probably the only country which boasts of a relation to major Asian countries. Historically, Bangkok has served as a port interlinking Western and Eastern cultures. The evidence of this abounds around the city.

3. Vimanmek Palace
Bangkok boasts of the largest teakwood mansion in the world, the Vimanmek palace. The objective of this Palace, built in 1900, was to showcase the Thai natural heritage. The beloved King of the Thais, King Chulalongkorn, had provisioned the construction of this great palace that houses the gifts and artifacts, which he collected from around the world. Bangkok holiday packages allow tourists to enjoy access to this wonderful place for a chance of a lifetime.

4. Night life
Bangkok has very vibrant night life. Night clubs and entertainment centers specially catering to the international tourists are the major attractions in Bangkok. Apart from entertainment clubs, one can find an exclusive shopping centre that caters cheap beautiful items to the tourists. No Bangkok travel package is complete without a visit to this city’s vibrant night life. You have to visit it to experience it.

5. Parks
Bangkok’s parks are one the most beautiful around the world. The most famous park is the Lumphini Park which boasts of an area of 57.6 hectares. Bangkok parks offers a unique combination of greenery and water views with boat rides etc. This unique mixture of water and nature will ensure that your senses reach an enjoyable level and you take home exciting memories forever.

Visit Bangkok with the help of Bangkok tour packages from established operators. You are sure to be surrounded by memories of a lifetime.

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