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If what you’re looking for is pulsating adventure, then island hopping in the Philippines is just the thing for you. However, with more than 7,000 islands to choose from, it can be a slightly daunting task to figure out where to start. Let us help you in making up your mind about how to get that adrenaline racing!

Mountain biking in Luzon – For all mountain biking junkies out there, the rugged mountains of Northern Luzon are a very exhilarating challenge. Local bikers are always accommodating and guide newcomers on mountain trails. As you follow the route, you will come across different tribal groups who might invite you to bunk up with the family. Alternatively, you can camp along the rivers by night. A network of rugged dirt roads, the Cordillera also makes for great mountain bike touring. Pasd by some of the country’s highest peaks, navigate precarious ridges, and give company to the mighty Chico and breeze through emerald green rice terraces.

Spelunking in Samar – The ‘Caving Centre of the Philippines’, Samar attracts nature lovers from far and wide. With its unusual landscapes and crazy networks of caves, Samar is fully organized when it comes to caving tours. Enthusiasts can get fully kitted out by any of the numerous tour operators, and proceed for a thrilling adventure through underground streams and tunnels.

Ocean Diving in Mindoro Island – Mindoro is a world-class diving spot, comparable to and sometimes surpassing Thailand and Bali. Its northeastern shores are part of the Coral Triangle, one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, and home to more than 75 percent of all known coral species. Scuba enthusiasts swear by this island, its diving facilities and dive masters.

Whitewater Rafting at Mindanao – Philippines’ largest island is where you can raft the Cagayan River all year long. The rapids here might not be the biggest but they occasionally reach Class IV, so get, set and go!

Trek in Panay – Get organized for this thrill – find yourself a Philippines travel guide and get a permit before you set off trekking in Panay. One of the most popular climbs here is the island’s tallest peak, Mt Majdaas. The climb is pleasant and dotted with waterfalls, but there is a more challenging route for trekking junkies looking to burst their lungs – a walk straight up the face of the mountain!

Palawan Sea Kayaking – Palawan is the southern most province in the Philippines. It consists of more than 1700 islands, and was designated a fish and wildlife sanctuary in 1967, protecting the sea as well as the jungle that covers the island, making it an outdoor paradise. As such, the paddling experience in Palawan is world class. An incredibly clear, multi-hued blue sea dotted with dozens of islands, Palawan is best known for the spectacular limestone formations of Bacuit Bay. Scuba divers also flock to the area to explore several-dozen WWII wrecks in Coron Bay. Given the amount of action here, sea kayakers can spend up to a week island hopping here.

So if your idea of a holiday is getting your heart to race, the Philippines are just the place for you – its varied options in endless locations call out to the adventure enthusiast to leave it all and head straight here!

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