Bangkok Street Food Guide – Top 5 Places

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When you are in Bangkok, the food choices are unlimited. You have so many options that it is almost impossible to choose. It is important to know where to look for these popular food places. Bangkok features some of the best foods in the world. Below we will discuss some of the best places you will be able to find the best street food in the world.

1. Chinatown – If you are in love with good food in general, you must try Chinatown in Bangkok. It is among the best street food locations in the world. There are hundreds of street stalls, food vendors, and food markets to choose from. Chinatown is actually the first place that street food was born in Thailand over 200 years ago when Chinese settlers first came to Thailand. You will see tons of hawker style restaurants with plastic chairs and fold out tables. It is also amongst the cheapest food you will ever eat.

2. Silom Road – This area is the central business district of Bangkok. For this reason, there are tons of people. Tons of people, usually means tons of hungry people. For this reason, you will see lots of food options to choose from. This is a great place to go if you want to grab some cheap, but delicious food.

3. Soi Rambuttri – This is one of the best streets in Bangkok. It is one of the few places that you can escape the city living of Bangkok. This street has recently endured a major face lift. Now it is known as a “hipster style” area. However, the street is still as good as ever. You will find tons of cheap food options on this street. You will never go hungry.

4. Banglamphu – This is an area around a river. If you want really good street food, this is a good option. You should walk all the way down the street, and you will find tons of stalls and food options. Again, you will find a lot of cheap food here. Some of the best dishes found here are the fish cakes and noodle soup.

5. Soi 38 Sukumvhit – There are a lot of street stalls that are lining this street. It is a favorite of many who travel to Bangkok. It would be wise to have this street on your list. You should find a good stall that you can sit down at and have a “more quiet” dinner than normal, in Bangkok.

Finally, if you head on over to Bangkok, be sure to check out the places in this article. You will be sure to find some great street food options, and you surely will not leave disappointed. We have only discussed some of the food options in Bangkok. Bangkok is a huge city with tons of street food options, some call it the “food mecca.” Therefore, keep your eyes and nose open, you should find some great street food in Bangkok!

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