Choice of Things to Do While at the Murray River

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Travelers find the Murray River irresistible because of its magnificent attractions. It is currently one of the most visited places in Australia. There are also a lot of activities that you can relish while in this wonderful place.

    • You will surely find it very stimulating to hike and go bush walking a means of meditating and enjoying the fresh bounties of nature. Likewise, take pleasure in the different parks and spectacular landscape while walking along the river banks. There are distinctive and diverse nature reserves, marshlands and national parks that you can always explore. Hiking trails abound from “Mildura” in the western portion to “Albury” in the east.
    • Find time to try the Foreshore Walk in “Mungo Park” or other hiking tracks surrounding the picturesque “Kings Billabong” or fabulous Pink Lakes Trail at Murray Sunset National Park close to “Wentworth”.
    • Monash Adventure Park is definitely the place for families with its fun activities like the Burmese Rope Bridge, slippery dip, wild leaning towers, and mini basketball. Grown-ups and kids will enjoy the large maze which contains towering walls, secret doorways and a small recreational area. Enjoy electric barbecue and picnic facilities plus a booth for paddle boats without having to pay any fee.
    • For nature lovers, be sure not to miss the red gum wooded areas, houseboat cruises, or bird-watching in the lowlands. Water skiing and riding the canoes in the lagoons are also among the exciting activities. Houseboat cruises are recommended for first-time vacationers. It is almost like a well-stacked home that you can lease to cruise along the Murray River. The tropical climate will guarantee a very pleasant cruise as well as an ideal place for swimming in the lake or river. Find time to visit the “Wyperfeld National Park” where you can discover rare animals and birds like the grey kangaroos, emus, cockatoos, and fowls.

The banks of Murray River have several excellent golf courses where golfers can play a round or two. Spend some time to visit the “Mungo” national park which has been listed in the world heritage. Murray River parks are the habitat of unique birds and animals such as the Black Swan, Australian Pelican, Red-Rump Parrot, Western Grey Kangaroo, Koala, Dragon Lizard, and Emu. There are 35 endangered avian species, 16 varieties of rare mammals and more than 30 different varieties of native fish in the region. Murray is said to be the third-longest river that can be navigated in the whole world.

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    Murray River is a beauty of Australia. Travelers find the Murray River irresistible because of its magnificent attractions.

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