Inspiring Walking Holiday Experiences in Laos

Customized and unforgettable adventure tours in Laos

With so many people travelling these days, it’s difficult to find a destination off the beaten path; but Laos offers this and so much more. It’s remained a hidden gem for years among backpackers but now offers all types of travellers the chance to view ancient temples, sprawling tropical landscapes and incredible trekking opportunities. When enjoying a walking holiday through Southeast Asia, Laos is a must-see destination that should be on everyone’s itinerary, especially since it’s ever changing and rapidly becoming more developed as time passes.

A memorable stop in the capital city

Not many urban spots these days also include natural beauty and tons of friendly, welcoming people. However, Vientiane does just that and is a wonderful place to visit on a walking holiday. Everything is fairly easily accessible and visitors can enjoy delectable culinary delights and exciting marketplaces, among a wealth of other things to do. Adventurous travellers who wish to learn more about the local trade can head to the Houey Hong VoTech School where the women make beautiful textiles, and foodies can indulge in a delicious Lao meal at the Douang Deuane restaurant and wine bar.

When it comes to classic sightseeing, the spectacular Buddhas are not to be missed. Although many of the statues were damaged in the Siamese Lao War almost two centuries ago, it’s still a favoured destination to view some incredible ancient art and spiritual offerings.

Cruising the Mekong River

The mighty Mekong River runs through multiple countries, including Laos. Many travellers enjoying a walking holiday will spend time on a ship navigating this waterway and see their surroundings in very different way. Tour leaders will take guests off the boat at various intervals to experience the local village life and pick up a few fun souvenirs. This is an excellent way to see how local people live on a daily basis along the river’s lush shoreline. Part of the Mekong passes right through Vientiane. (At roughly 4,300 kilometres long, the river also passes through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.)

Other highlights in Indochina

Although there are countless experiences to be had on a walking holiday through Laos, many guided walks also include stops in neighbouring countries. For instance, it’s typical to begin in Bangkok, then return after Laos through Cambodia for a few days of sightseeing. One of the best part of taking a guided tour is the leaders are well-equipped for making travellers feel welcome – whether it be providing facts in English or answering questions about any of the sights visited. It takes the guesswork out of planning a Southeast Asian adventure, so visitors can spend all their time simply having an unforgettable holiday.

Laos is one of Indochina’s hidden gems. Immerse in exotic culture and allure during a walking holiday in this stunning destination.

Article: Tony_Maniscalco

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