Mumbai City: Things You Can Do Here in 24 Hours

When you are rushed with time and have only 24 hours in a city like Mumbai – get ready to be jostled, waded through crowds and incessantly chatted among locals as you still can soak its essence and culture in more ways than one.

While 24 hours is not exactly enough to see everything here, but you can still explore all the highlights of this intoxicating city. You can capture the flavor of Mumbai’s sights, and sounds, and the city as you finish your day through its splendid natural harbor – wherein half of India’s international trade passes through. Here are some must do things on your one day and night trip in Mumbai.

Spend the morning in Trendy Bandra

Mumbai is trendy and is also the style capital of India. In Bandra, you can find a bustling street bazaar with latest fashion hues, to the designer boutiques which can excite your fashion palate.

This shopping haven welcomes throes of locals and tourists every day to spend their bucks on handcrafted jewelry, clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. The shops are open all seven days a week, 10AM – 10PM; however the best bargains can be sought during the late evening time.

If you do not want to shop, or spend the morning easy, you can walk into one of the multitude of bakeries on Hill Road to savor the aroma of freshly baked buns and breads. Besides, there are also cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins that you can pick to accompany you for the rest of your journey.

Stride to the Gateway of India

Derived from the intricate style of the 16th century Islamic architecture, the Gateway of India was built to commemorate the royal visit of King George V in the year 1911. Ironically though, the British used it two decades later to host their last march-out parade, as India gained Independence.

Now the gateway is a favorite gathering spot for tourists and locals. You can find hordes of sellers, balloon makers and photographers, all selling their wares and services in the vicinity. Small boats depart from the gateways wharf towards Elephanta Island and Mandwa where you can sail for fun. You can also ride on one of the horse drawn carriages that ply along the Apollo Bunder, and go around Oval Maidan at night to Admore the fascinating lights on buildings.

Waddle in the shores of Chowpatty Beach

This beach is a favorite hangout spot for anyone who likes the sun, and the surf and the sand. You can also enjoy this essence by air ticket online booking. You can stroll through the many beach-side stalls and vendors offering bhelpuri and vada-pav and other eateries. The sand and water may not be a very clean place to sit or swim, but does light up the hearts of thousands of Mumbaikarars’ who come here for a fresh waft of air.

Jack W Logan in his new role of a globetrotter has recently visited the land of Bollywood – Mumbai City. He shares his view on the best way to explore Mumbai in 24 hours.

Article: Jack_W_Logan

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