Palawan Underground River: Caving on a Boat

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In the past, locals avoided the cave where the Palawan Underground River runs through. Early inhabitants of the region believed that evil spirits live in the caves. With exploration and research, this belief has changed. Today, the cave draws up to 900 curious visitors each day. For many locals and foreigners, the river is a unique natural treasure. The best way to explore the underground river is to book a tour that will take you on an informative and fun tour across some parts of the river.

Cruising Along the Palawan Underground River

Caving is a great reason to visit the Palawan. Some of the caves mostly visited by tourists are the Tabon Caves, Ugong Rock, and the Cave of the Palawan Underground River.

The Puerto Princesa underground river cave holds many interesting features. It has everything any spelunking enthusiast would love, including Mazelike passageways and wide chambers. You may also see some animals in the cave. There are also stalactites and stalagmites formations in interesting shapes.

What Makes Caving So Appealing

In the old days, people across the world valued caves as sacred sites. To this day, caves continue to attract visitors who have an appetite for the unknown. They also fascinate researchers, as the caves offer valuable information about the past.

Tourists can explore the Palawan Underground River through a boat cruise. The trained boatmen will take you to different passageways and point out fascinating formations inside the cave. The regular tour lets you see approximately the first 1.5 kilometers of the river. When you want to see the deeper parts of the cave, you have to request for a special permit. The managing government agency, however, only gives this type of permit to scientists and researchers.

Tour Tips

Avoid problems during your trip to the Palawan Underground River. Here are some tips for a fun and safe trip

    • Always stay with your group. As part of the tour, you’ll have the chance to explore the St. Paul Subterranean Mountain River National Park. Don’t go wandering alone, as you may meet an accident and won’t have a way to ask for help.
    • Stay within your boundaries. Other than the boat tour, you can take a mangrove forest tour and a jungle trekking tour. While it’s fun to try new activities, always think about your skill level. If it goes beyond your capacity, inform your guide so you can receive proper assistance.
    • Bring the right gear and wear proper clothing. Trails and walkways may be slippery. Use footwear with good traction to avoid injuries. Wear comfortable clothing, such as a tee and a pair of shorts or workout pants, especially when taking the trekking tour. During the boat tour, a guide uses a flashlight to light the way and point out interesting areas. It is very dark inside the cave. If you this is a problem, think about bringing extra lighting gear, such as a flashlight or headlamp.

Have a safe and fun trip to the Palawan underground river. Prepare for your trip and enjoy exploring one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

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