Saigon Shopping

Diamond Plaza - HCMC

Diamond Plaza – HCMC

Saigon is well know as a hip, funky and vibrant city. The shopping is exactly the same! Check out these great places to grab yourself a bargain.

Saigon, Vietnam’s largest city, has some great shopping and bargains at it’s many markets and shopping centers. Bargaining is still a must when shopping. So bargain hard, always smile and have fun finding a great bargain when you head to Vietnam!

Ben Thanh Markets

One of the best known shopping locations in the city, Ben Thanh is opened daily and you can basically get anything you want! From silks, to chop sticks. Spices to a fake Rolex, it’s all on offer. Many shops now have fixed prices, but it’s always asking for a discount. Ben Thanh can be quite hot and the shop assistance will grab, shout and try all out to get a sale! Of an evening there is a food market along the outside of the main building.

Saigon Square 

Full of everything you need and lots of things you don’t. Great place to buy “seconds” with brand names including North Face, Columbia and more. Bags, jackets, clothing (men, women, children), shoes, watches, DVD’s and more are on offer. Easy place to shop but does get very crowded. Bargain hard and snap up a great deal!

Diamond Plaza

Newly refurbished, Diamond Plaza is like most big shopping malls around the world. Big names and big price tags to go with it. There is also ten pin bowling, KFC and a cinema in the complex.

Le Loi Street

A large boulevard in the middle of District 1, Le Loi Street is full of street stalls selling cheap t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, books, cards and other assorted rubbish! There are also plenty of cafes if the shopping gets to much!

Tax Department Store

Four floors of store selling brand name clothes and shoes to knock off souvenirs and copied CD’s and DVD’s. Ground floor is full of jewelry shops, cosmetics, camera gear and watches. On the 1st floor a large supermarket offers the normal goodies and next door is a kids shop selling toys and clothing. The top floor is a market set up with a variety of goodies for sale. Highlands Cafe on the 2nd floor have great coffee and fruit shakes.

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