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Where Is Nepal?

Wedged between the plains of the north-eastern Gangetic basin and the high plateau of Tibet is one of the world’s most beautiful, complex, and diverse countries. Compressed in a width of just about 90 miles from south to north, Nepal encompasses lush sub-tropical jungles where 15 foot high grasses shelter tigers and one-horned rhinoceroses at an altitude of 150m to… Read more →

Top Sights To See When Walking In Nepal

Walking In Nepal may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a holiday, or even of a holiday in Asia. However, taking a chance on this country will yield sights and experiences that leave nothing to be desired when compared to more popular Asian destinations. From art galleries to traditional temples and shrines, this… Read more →

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia

Asia is not only the largest continent in the world. It also has the most admirable natural treasures and the richest and most diverse culture in the world. From its mystical temples and landmarks of antiquity, soothing beaches and enchanting landscapes to the astonishing skyscrapers and infrastructure of modernity, Asia is definitely a place to go in anyone’s bucket list.… Read more →

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