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Quirky Delicacies of South East Asia

Frog’s legs in France, huhu grubs in New Zealand, every country has its own version of a wild food. South East Asia is no exception, with an extraordinary number of exciting dishes that lure huge numbers of tourists every year – and send just as many running for the hills. Whatever your take on exotic foods, South East Asia has… Read more →

24 Hours in Bangkok

Bangkok, the city that never sleeps, where hedonism reigns supreme. A city so alive you can almost feel its beating pulse as you walk the heady city streets. Welcoming more visitors than any other city in the world, Bangkok is synonymous with extremes and contradictions. Though noisy, hectic and hot, the intensity and excitement of Bangkok gets into your veins,… Read more →

11 Best World Festivals

Nothing beats a good celebration and there are numerous festivals around the world more than willing to provide a reason to party. Below we have listed the top 10 best world festivals. Add them to your bucket list! Las Fallas, Valencia Spain: This spectacular festival has to be seen to be believed. Celebrating the arrival of Spring the city is… Read more →

Living in Thailand – Accommodation Costs 2013/14

As the cost of living shoots up exponentially the world over, the South East Asian nation of Thailand still has a couple of living costs that continue to attract foreigners looking for an inexpensive paradise to retire to. The first of these ‘cost savers’ is rental accommodation, which has barely seen an increase in over 20 years. The second is… Read more →

Pattaya: City of Ceaseless Energy

Relish the glaring nightlife and energetic culture of Pattaya City Any diehard partygoer would know Pattaya to be the nirvana, the haven of all things good for night life. A dozen of discotheques, transvestite cabarets and karaoke bars take haven in Pattaya. Pattaya is indeed known for its fun-filled and rowdy bars and clubs but aside from the glaring neon… Read more →

5 Reasons Why Bangkok Is the World’s Best City

Bangkok is the commercial and political capital of Thailand. With rapid modernization and economic growth, it has been counted among the world’s best cities consistently over the years. So why is Bangkok so prominent in every tourist’s dream destination? Read on to find 5 reasons why Bangkok is the World’s Best City. 1. Gateway Bangkok serves as the gateway to… Read more →

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia

Asia is not only the largest continent in the world. It also has the most admirable natural treasures and the richest and most diverse culture in the world. From its mystical temples and landmarks of antiquity, soothing beaches and enchanting landscapes to the astonishing skyscrapers and infrastructure of modernity, Asia is definitely a place to go in anyone’s bucket list.… Read more →

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