Things You Should Know Before Coming to Bhutan

What can be seen in Bhutan is basically what attracts many to this humble kingdom perched in the Himalayan region, between China

Urban Adventure Toursand India. Going on a Bhutan travel may be one of the best things you can do in your lifetime.

However, traveling to Bhutan requires tourists to bear in mind certain pieces of information and limitations. Here are some things worth knowing:

1. A visa is necessary to be obtained prior to a trip to Bhutan.
It can be applied for through a travel agent with connections to the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Fees are paid online. The council has basically eased the visa process and tourism policies already so it is easier to get into Bhutan nowadays.

2. The currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum (Nu.)
But Indian Rupees are accepted as local tender there; except the 500 and 1000 bills.

3. Weather in Bhutan basically varies throughout the year, and depends on the location.
While Southern Bhutan can be hot and humid due to its sub-tropical climate, the northern area can be cold even during summer because of its high altitude.

4. There might be no better time to visit Bhutan than during festivals called Tsechu.
Then, you will get to see the very vibrant and dynamic culture of the nation. People are dressed in colorful costumes as they come together to celebrate in temples or monasteries. Most festivals are rooted from religion and are held to pay tribute to Buddha and Guru Rinpoche.

5. If you are into arts, you’d be amazed at how strong the locals’ love for aesthetics is.
As it is an indelible part of Bhutan’s character as a nation, even the young ones are taught to master the skills of wood-carving, weaving, pottery, and painting.

6. It is a waste not to take pictures in Bhutan however it is not permitted in certain places, particularly in sacred temples.
To be sure, ask the tour guide of the rules first before taking pictures.

7. Archery is an ancient art in Bhutan and practicing it is a respected trait among people.
If you wish to see some real actions in the range, you should see archery practices in Bhutan. It just feels different, especially because it is indeed not just a sport but a part of their culture.

8. Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world.
Religion is an important thing for many Bhutanese so tourists are expected to respect that at all times. Buddhist tours are constantly conducted in the kingdom and people are invited to visit the legendary Tiger’s Monastery, which is perched on a mountain cliff.

9. There are quite a number of languages used in Bhutan: Dzongkha, Tshanglakha, and Lhotshamka.
Several dialects are also used. So if coming to Bhutan, it’s better to learn some conversational phrases to impress the locals somehow.

10. Although Bhutan is a safe country, it is still best to be cautious when going around. 
Personal belongings are best kept safe in hotel safes or in your attended bags. As for health, it is recommended not to drink tap water as it is actually untreated.

The unspoiled nature, perpetually rich heritage, and the interesting way of life there are often the main reasons why people constantly demand for Bhutan tour packages. So treat yourself to a unique experience and book your tours now.

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