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Walking In Nepal may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a holiday, or even of a holiday in Asia. However, taking a chance on this country will yield sights and experiences that leave nothing to be desired when compared to more popular Asian destinations. From art galleries to traditional temples and shrines, this delightful country really does offer something for everyone.

Travel back in time

The main tourist destinations for Westerners walking in Nepal should be the traditional temples and monasteries, which ooze with Southern Asian ambience. A day of rambling around Kathmandu admiring the stunning architecture of these temples – from the Golden Temple’s ornate entrance, to the intimidating animal sculptures outside the pagoda-like Changu Narayan temple or the deities of Vajrayogini, on the outskirts of town – will no doubt appeal to the more avid walkers visiting the country.

Once they have made their way through all of Kathmandu’s many shrines – which also include the multi-faith Jan Bahal (or Seto Machhendranath Temple) and the Itum Bahal – westerners walking in Nepal might want to visit the other major religious landmarks in the country, the ‘stupas’. These stone constructions were predominantly built between the third and the twelfth century BC, and served as Buddhist monuments and places of pilgrimage. To this day, Sanchi (the small village where most of these monuments are located) is a pilgrimage spot for the Buddhist faithful, as well as a major tourist attraction. The main stupa, appropriately called Great Stupa, is surrounded by a platform filled with a number of religious monuments, which provide a perfect complement to the main attraction.

Return to the present

Those less inclined to be impressed by slabs of stone, however imposing, will not be left without things to do when walking in Nepal. The Hanuman Dhoka, the Nepalese royal palace, will make for an appealing afternoon trip. Even for those without an interest in sumptuous architecture or furnishings will find something of interest within this complex, as its walls house the National Art Gallery, which feature some of the best examples of Nepalese art.

Those who like the feeling of rambling without particular purpose are also likely to stumble upon one of the many quaint ‘chowks’, or courtyards, littered throughout Katmandu, which offer a more realistic taste of the local city life.

Walking in Nepal should not be overlooked as an exciting holiday option, as the country offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and historical exploration.

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